Twin Cities Theaters

The Twin Cities is incredibly rich in theater. Keeping track of the changing world of theater companies is like herding cats, but we're trying to keep on top of it. For even more Minnesota theater listings, check out the Minnesota Theater Alliance's comprehensive List of Minnesota Theaters.

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Last updated on 11/19/19
Local Theaters:

20% Theater Company  - "20% Theatre Company Twin Cities is committed to supporting and vigorously promoting the work of female and transgender theatre artists, and celebrating the unique contribution of these artists to social justice and human rights."

7th House Theater - "7th House Theater is dedicated to creating new, innovative, and re-imagined stage-productions with an emphasis on music as a theatrical element." (FB page)

Artistry - "In pursuit of artistic excellence, we engage our region’s most talented artists in work that welcomes and develops audiences and opens hearts and minds.

Blackout Improv - "Blackout Improv is a mix of comedy, social justice, and arts access. We seek to put more Black performers on more stages, to create comedic dialogue around serious truths, and to provide improv access for Black students."

Brave New Workshop - "The Brave New Workshop has been crafting audacious, hilarious, and thought-provoking original comedy, improv and satire in Minneapolis since 1958."

Bucket Brigade - "Our mission is to be a catalyst for creating quality art that engages, inspires, and uplifts the community."

Casting Spells Productions - "Casting Spells Productions is committed to presenting remarkable stories and creating vibrant theatrical experiences, by engaging the finest professional artists, both onstage and off."

The Catalysts - "The Catalysts aim to develop, produce and present new and inventive musical theatre centered on social justice and the full scope of human potential."

Chameleon Theatre Circle - "The Mission of The Chameleon Theatre Circle is dedicated to creating passionate, engaging theatre south of the river, that is artistically excellent and challenging to artists and audiences alike."

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres - "Entertaining you."

Children's Theatre Company - "Children's Theatre Company creates extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people and their communities."

Classical Actor's Ensemble - "Classical Actors Ensemble is dedicated to engaging audiences by capturing the spirit in which the plays of the English Renaissance were originally performed—with immediacy, passion, and as popular entertainment."

Collide Theatrical Dance Company  - "Collide is a performing arts company dedicated to creating new works that are rooted in classical Musical Theater Jazz Dance and inspired by the influences of Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse."

Daleko Arts - "Providing high-quality theatre performance and education for New Prague, Minnesota and its surrounding communities."

Dangerous Productions - "We create original productions, from horror to humor, revealing the stories and amplifying the voices of audiences and artists in Minnesota communities."

Dark & Stormy Productions - "Dark & Stormy Productions seeks to enrich the community by providing artistically excellent, relevant, and thought-provoking professional productions that engage and inspire both the audience and the artist."

Fearless Comedy Productions - "Fearless Comedy Productions (Fearless) encourages, empowers, and educates new artists and existing talents, and explores the limits of comedy while striving to create a more diverse and inclusive environment."

Fortune's Fool Theatre - " For ten years Fortune’s Fool Theatre has been dedicated to exposing Twin Cities audiences to unfamiliar theatrical works, with an emphasis on Minnesota writers."

Four Humors Theatre - "Four Humors strives to create art that celebrates the humor, stupidity, and beauty of our world by letting the artist connect with the audience in a vulnerable and honest way."

Frank Theatre - "Frank Theatre is a professional theatre company committed to producing unique work that stretches the skills of the artists who create the work while simultaneously challenging the everyday perceptions of the audience through the exploration of ideas and issues of social, political and/or cultural concern."

Freshwater Theatre - "We exist not only to create our own theater, but to facilitate and promote a vision of the Twin Cities as a major exporter of performing arts."

Ghoulish Delights - "Ghoulish Delights is a Minneapolis-based theater company that specializes in bringing tales of suspense and horror to the stage. Its original productions and adaptations of classic tales have won praise from fans and critics alike."

Girl Friday Productions - "A small, non-profit, professional theatre company, Girl Friday Productions’ mission is to inspire audiences and provide career growth for artists via outstanding, textually rich theatrical productions that illuminate the human condition."

Gremlin Theatre - "Gremlin Theatre seeks to provide artistically brilliant, accessible, and enjoyable theatrical experiences for the Twin Cities community, perpetuating the idea of theatre as a relevant, entertaining, and socially valuable activity for the audience and the artist."

Green T Productions - "Our mission: To produce visually stunning, mind-stirring, movement-oriented, multi-disciplinary physical theater that artistically challenges performers and audiences."

Guthrie Theater - "The Guthrie Theater, founded in 1963, is an American center for theater performance, production, education and professional training. By presenting both classical literature and new work from diverse cultures, the Guthrie illuminates the common humanity connecting Minnesota to the peoples of the world."

History Theatre - "History Theatre entertains, educates, and inspires through creating, developing, and producing new and existing works that explore Minnesota's past and the diverse American experience."

Huge Theater - "HUGE Theater is an artist-led, volunteer-staffed and member-supported nonprofit."

Illusion Theater - "Illusion Theater 's mission is to create theater that illuminates the illusions, myths and realities of our times and to catalyze personal and social change."

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre - "HOBT uses water, flour, newspaper, paint and unlimited imagination to tell stories that explore the struggles and celebrations of human existence."

Jungle Theater - "The Jungle Theater creates dynamic, world-class theater, bringing an artistic depth and poetic fire to plays drawn from our rich theatrical heritage as well as from the body of work written in our own time."

Lakeshore Players Theatre - "Lakeshore serves as the premier performing arts center for the northeast Twin Cities metro area and is committed to providing community enrichment and education. We are proud to be one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in Minnesota."

Lyric Arts - "Lyric Arts’ mission is to enrich lives by creating meaningful performing arts experiences that ignite the imagination, inspire the spirit, and engage the community."

Maximum Verbosity - "Maximum Verbosity is a theatrical production company that specializes in whimsically wordplay-heavy entertainment."

Minneapolis Musical Theatre - "The Minneapolis Musical Theatre is dedicated to providing community access to high quality yet affordable works of musical theatre never before – or very rarely – seen by Twin Cities audiences."

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company - "Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company ignites the hearts and minds of people of all cultural backgrounds by producing theater of the highest artistic standards."

Mixed Blood Theatre - "To be the definitive destination where theater artists and audiences representing the global village can create and share work that spawns a ripple effect of social change and revolutionizes access to theater."

Mu Performing Arts - "Mu produces great performances born of arts, equity, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience."

Nautilus Music-Theater - "Since 1986 Nautilus has been dedicated to the development of new operas and other forms of music-theater, along with innovative productions of existing work. "

Nimbus Theatre - "Nimbus Theatre is Northeast Minneapolis’ home for independent theater. Since 2001, the company has been producing bold, eclectic, artist-driven theater."

Off-Leash Area - "Off-Leash Area was founded in Minneapolis in 1999 and creates original interdisciplinary performance work."

Old Log Theatre - "Over the decades, the Old Log has had a substantial impact on the Twin Cities theatre scene, establishing a reputation for quality productions."

Open Eye Figure Theatre - "Open Eye Figure Theatre creates original figure theatre, animating the inanimate on an intimate scale; trains the next generation of figure theatre artists; and advances adventurous, artist-driven programming."

Open Window Theatre - "at Open Window Theatre we want EVERYONE (the average, the not-so-average, and the connoisseur alike) to enjoy great plays and great art and to breathe easy while you do so."

Park Square Theatre - "Park Square Theatre seeks to enrich our community by producing and presenting exceptional live theatre that touches the heart, engages the mind, and delights the spirit."

Penumbra Theatre - "Penumbra Theatre creates professional productions that are artistically excellent, thought provoking, relevant, and illuminate the human condition through the prism of the African American experience. "

Persistent Theatre Productions - "All of our work has a feminist voice because women have been overlooked for far too long not only in theatre but our world. We are committed to diversity and gender equality and strive to close the gender gap in American Theatre."

Pillsbury House Theatre - "Pillsbury House Theatre’s mission is to create challenging theatre to inspire choice, change and connection."

Prime Productions - "We seek to explore, illuminate and support women over fifty and their stories through the creative voice of performance."

Red Bird Theatre - "Red Bird Theatre is a collective of professional artists committed to a collaborative, rigorous process and the execution of challenging, provocative material."

Sandbox Theatre -  "Sandbox Theatre is driven by the collaborative spirit to create new and newly-imagined performance artworks, and to foster the development of artists."

Second Fiddle Productions - "Second Fiddle is a reading series that breathes life into uncommon and rarely produced musicals. We aim to explore and celebrate the rich history of the American Musical Theatre."

Shakespeare & Company - "Shakespeare & Company is a classical repertory theatre performing at the Outdoor Theatre complex of Century College, West Campus. "

Shoot the Glass Theater - "Shoot the Glass is an independent theater company founded on two simple principles: the empowerment of the actor and the immediacy of live theater."

Sidekick Theater - "Sidekick Theatre is committed to producing an exciting and engaging mix of comedies, musicals and dramas."

Six Elements Theatre - "With action both onstage and off, Six Elements Theatre stimulates thought, inspires creativity, and cultivates our community through high-intensity theatre and excellent craftsmanship."

Swandive Theatre - "Our Mission is to create a place where theatre artists, of all disciplines, can thrive."

Teatro del Pueblo - "Teatro del Pueblo promotes Latino culture through the creation and presentation of performing arts. Teatro develops and supports Latino artists, provides educational opportunities for all to experience Latino culture, and promotes cross-cultural dialogue."

Ten Thousand Things - "Ten Thousand Things brings lively, intelligent theater to people with little access to the wealth of the arts, invigorating ancient tales, classic stories, and contemporary plays through vital, open interactions between actors and non-traditional audiences."

The Playwrights' Center - "The Playwrights’ Center champions playwrights and new plays to build upon a living theater that demands new and innovative works."

The Moving Company - "Our mission is to create and produce visionary theatre built on the past, grounded in the present and looking to the future. And to unabashedly nourish an atmosphere for
bold new productions for audiences locally, nationally and throughout the world."

Theater Latte Da - "Theater Latté Da seeks to create new connections between story, music, artist, and audience by exploring and expanding the art of musical theater."

Theatre Coup D'Etat - "Theatre Coup d'Etat's mission is to provoke an emotional and analytical response in our audiences by showing the depth of the human condition through both classical and contemporary works."

Theatre Elision - "We love stories. We love music. We love visual arts. We especially love when all three come together to create something amazing."

Theatre Pro Rata - "To each of us: a foundation in the play, a pursuit of creative excellence, and a continuation of curiosity."

Theatre Unbound - "Theatre Unbound delivers thought-provoking live theatre conceived and created by women, providing audiences with engaging, rarely-seen perspectives on issues that are relevant and universal."

Torch Theater - "We do theater we hope you will like. And only with good humans who kick ass."

Trademark Theater  - "Trademark Theater is a Twin Cities based theater company committed to creating a diverse range of new, dynamic, Minnesota-born theater productions."

Transatlantic Love Affair - "Transatlantic Love Affair is a physical theatre ensemble specializing in collaboratively created original work and theatrical storytelling."

Umbrella Collective - "Founded in 2007, Umbrella Collective (formerly Savage Umbrella) collaborates to create new works of theater that inspire vital conversations."

Underdog Theatre - "Underdog Theatre is a new company who creates art for the underserved, underrepresented, and unheard."

Uprising Theatre Company - "Uprising Theatre Company really, truly believes that stories can change the world. Something powerful happens when we get away from facts and figures and spreadsheets and simply tell each other our stories."

Walking Shadow Theatre Company - "Walking Shadow believes the human soul is a disturbing and beautiful place. We create engaging and memorable experiences that promote an exchange of ideas inspired by the stories we tell."

Wayward Theatre Company - "Formed from the ashes of 3 Augsburg College graduates, Wayward is dedicated to producing challenging work in equally challenging spaces. We believe in bringing theatre to our audience."

Wonderlust Productions - "Wonderlust Productions illuminates a community’s story through live performance, mixing community members with professional artists."

Yellow Tree Theatre - "Yellow Tree was born with the goal of creating a welcoming artistic venue, with live theater as its backbone, which would also serve as a vibrant artistic hub for the community."


Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company - "The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company is a Twin Cities based theater company, dedicated to bringing the works of Gilbert & Sullivan, Britain’s foremost light opera collaborators, to life for modern audiences."

Mill City Summer Opera - "Mill City Summer Opera was founded with a vision to provide top-quality opera in a casual outdoor setting, reaching both existing and new potential opera lovers."

Minnesota Opera - "Minnesota Opera combines a culture of creativity and fiscal responsibility to produce opera and opera education programs that expand the art form, nurture artists, enrich audiences and contribute to the vitality of the community."

Skylark Opera Theatre - "Dedicated to providing its audience with performances of the highest artistic quality, brought to the stage by the best in musical and technical talent both nationally and locally."


Minnesota Fringe Festival - "The mission of the Minnesota Fringe is to promote freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences."

Ruth Easton New Play Series - "Now in its 11th year, the Ruth Easton New Play Series gives selected Core Writers 20 hours with collaborators to workshop their script—to write, rewrite, experiment, and shape their work. For playwrights, this means great leaps forward for their plays. For audiences, this means a thrilling and intimate night of theater."

Twin Cities Horror Festival - "We depict horror on stage because we know it is fake. The pain and deaths are not real. We have control. We know life is precious. It is not to be wasted. We also know the human experience is a complicated one full of wonderful and terrible things."

Performance Spaces:

Art House North - "Creative community for the Common Good."

Bryant Lake Bowl - "A combination bowling alley/restaurant/bar/theater offering food, alcohol and live theater and music performances."

Camp Bar - "Managed by Actors Theater of Minnesota, The Cabaret @ Camp is one of the most intimate and versatile performing arts spaces in St. Paul."

Crane Theater - "The Crane Theater is a home for new collaboratively created theater in the Twin Cities. A place where the artists in our community go to build work for our community and beyond."

Dreamland Arts - "Dreamland Arts' mission is to build a healthy community through the arts."

Fitzgerald Theater - "The Fitzgerald Theater is committed to programming that reflects the audience and mission of Minnesota Public Radio."

Hennepin Theatre Trust - "Hennepin Theatre Trust, owner of the historic Orpheum, State, Pantages and New Century Theatres, is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to arts-inspired community cultural development."

The Historic Mounds Theater - "We will work as a catalyst and magnet for arts and culture by developing new programs and partnerships, which create opportunities for youth, adults and professionals to actively participate in drama, music, dance, cinema, multimedia and other arts and cultural activities."

Intermedia Arts - "A multidisciplinary center dedicated to engaging the power of the arts in addressing social and human issues and to supporting the work of contemporary artists."

The Lab Theater - "The LAB Theater is a 6,000 square-foot warehouse, originally built by The Guthrie Theater as a "laboratory" space for experimental and unique works."

North Garden Theater - "Our mission is to provide an elegant venue where special events flourish, where creative, artistic individuals and groups feel empowered to utilize the space, and audiences are attracted by high quality, professional works."

Ordway Center - "Our mission is to be a driver for the artistic vitality of our community by hosting, presenting and creating performing arts and educational programs that engage artists and enrich diverse audiences."

Phoenix Theater - Run by nonprofit Arts' Nest, which "exists to nurture and support emerging artists and arts professionals – through creating access and opportunities for learning, connections, and visibility."

Red Eye Theater - "Red Eye is a multidisciplinary creative laboratory that supports the development and production of pioneering performance work."

Southern Theater - "The Southern Theater provides a home for artists, giving them the freedom to focus on what matters most, their art."

Strike Theater - "Strike Theater is dedicated to Twin Cities sketch comedy, storytelling, and spoken word."

Late and Lamented (or at least on hiatus--sniff!):

Hardcover Theater - "Hardcover Theater creates shows based on literature. We write our own scripts for them – almost thirty so far. We specialize in working with texts that have never before been adapted for the theater."

Workhaus Collective -  "Workhaus Collective creates a direct and immediate relationship between playwright and audience by fully producing original plays under the artistic leadership of the playwright."