Saturday, December 2, 2023

All About Jane: The Eras of Austen at The Hive Collaborative

Austenite Alert! You have just one weekend (plus Monday) to experience the delightful concept-album-in-concert All About Jane: The Eras of Austen produced by Buzz Music Theater at their new home, The Hive Collaborative (formerly the home of Dreamland Arts). 

This theatrical concert showcases twelve songs by singer-songwriter Monica Livorsi, all based on heroines from Jane Austen's six published novels. Each song has its own style and feeling which captures the essence of the character given voice. The audience was enchanted by the performance, and the Austen fans we attended with loved it. 

Livorsi sings and plays keyboard for all of the songs with simple costume pieces (by Sarah Christenson) and brief introductions to each novel and character. Her excellent band at the performance we saw included Jenessa Iverson on bass and vocals, Matt McIntyre on guitar, and Matt Nielsen on drums. 

Director and co-production designer Eric Morris and co-production designer and builder Abbee Warmboe transformed the Hive's space into a cozy sitting room with hangings and furnishings evoking the Regency era. 

While listening to the show, I knew I'd want to hear these songs again (and again), so it's wonderful to know that an actual album release is planned for spring 2024. Check out Monica Livorsi's website for more information.  

To learn more about the plans for The Hive Collaborative, check out Twin Cities Theater Bloggers'  conversation with founders Eric Morris and Laura Rudolph Morris on the Twin Cities Theater Chat podcast

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Company National Tour at the Orpheum Theatre

Company is a Tony-award winning 1970 musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. It's a concept musical that features a series of vignettes about Bobby, a single man, and his married friends.

Britney Coleman as Bobbie in the National Tour of Company.
Photo by Matthew Murphy for Murphy.Made.
The production now playing at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis is the first national tour of the 2021 revival that changes the main character to Bobbie, a single woman celebrating her 35th birthday and examining the relationships around her.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Twin Cities Theater Chat Addendum - Holidays 2023 Edition!

Haul out the holly, cause we need a little holiday fun. Luckily, our Twin Cities Theater community is ready to share some wonderful shows with you and your loved ones. Tip! Buy tickets for a show for gifts! 

Find out about all the holiday theater fun on the latest holiday-centric episode of Twin Cities Theater Chat!

BTW, our podcast host site has limited space for show notes, so here's the full list of holiday recommendations from the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Ghost Quartet at Theatre Elision

Our good friend Cherry and Spoon calls Theatre Elision's Ghost Quartet "Musically gorgeous and truly haunting." Okay! We're in!

This spooky season has been absolutely jam-packed with theater goodness, but we couldn't let another year go by without seeing Ghost Quartet (this is Theatre Elision's fifth production of this show.) which runs through October 28.

Shadows Under Wabasha: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Shadows Under Wabasha

Hot Chocolate Media

In Short:
It’s 1920s St. Paul, it was an easy heist, a simple score for this crew. One mistake and they are trapped in a cave that was supposed to be their hideout. Four gang members must work together before their place of refuge becomes their tomb. 

Selected Cast/Creative:
Rachael Dosen, Bridget Foy, Ileri Okikiolu, Addie Ripperger play the gangsters. Directed by Denzel Belin and written by Kyle B. Dekker, Denzel Belin, and Jacob Gulliver.

Our Thoughts:
Last year, Denzel Belin wrote and directed one of our favorite shows in the Twin Cities Horror Festival: Bad Egg, a thoughtful and witty retelling of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is the second show we've seen in the Crane studio space (the other is Lock-In), and the space has felt like a challenge in both. Last year, another TCHF favorite, Stabby Stab Stab, made great use of the space, but it's not easy. 

Shadows Under Wabasha has a compelling premise. Or premises. The Wabasha caves are endlessly fascinating and, for the claustrophobic among us, particularly creepy. The gangsters and the agreement that they made with the city of St. Paul is another bit of great local history. Add in conflict between disparate characters trapped together with limited light and air and you have the makings of a great TCHF show. Strong performances by Bridget Foy and Ileri Okikiolu anchor the play, but there seems to be a little too much to successfully cover in one small TCHF play. 

You Should See This If You Like:
Workplace conflict, caves, gangsters, meteorites, great menswear.

Ghost in the Machine: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Ghost in the Machine

Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!

In Short:
Artificial intelligence - true artificial intelligence - is impossible. You can't create a computer that thinks like a human brain. But what if the computer had a human brain? And what if the human wanted their brain back?

Selected Cast/Creative:
It's an intimate cast, consisting of Elora Riley, Philip D. Henry, Emma Inga, and Dawn Krosnowski.

Our Thoughts:
Well, first of all, I blame this show for the fact that snippets of songs by The Police have been running through my mind for DAYS. Our heroine, Arwyn, is obsessed with The Police and even a Police cover band. Hence the very appropriate title of this show. This is a really tight, compelling, and intimate show that follows a programming genius as she gets a mysterious invitation from a secretive company. 

Compelled by a generous salary, Arwyn agrees to a job working with an advanced AI system called Phoebe. Naturally, she also investigates the company that employs her, but is not prepared for what she learns.

With the advances and potential dangers of artificial intelligence very much in the news, this is a timely story that's a little too close to reality. Tim Wick's strong script cleverly acknowledges its pop culture references. Elora Riley as Arwyn leads the excellent ensemble with an engaging, memorable performance as the cool coder girl. Although the set and special effects are minimal, this show provides some great shocks. 

Don't make me send "a message in a bottle" that "every little thing [this show] does is magic" and will have you "wrapped around [its] finger." (Sorry, I couldn't resist!!)

You Should See This If You Like:
Being freaked out by AI, the idea of getting $50,000 for a job interview. Yes, please!

Overtoun: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII


Spiral Theater

In Short:
Overtoun tells the story of Scotland’s infamous “dog suicide bridge”, from whose heights dogs have inexplicably leapt to their deaths. This horror-comedy explores our need to search for meaning in the unexplainable and our terrible realizations when we do not find it.

Selected Cast/Creative:
Directed by Kevin Duong. Written and assistant directed by Kyle Munshower. Featuring Anya Naylor, Anjeline Mae Ramirez, Mar Burris, Carlyn Grande, and Alec Logeman. 

Our Thoughts:
They did NOT have us at the plot description. A show about dog suicide? Yikes. HOWEVER, our dedication to seeing every show of the Twin Cities Horror Festival has absolutely paid off, cause this show is a delight.

How can a show about dog suicides be anything but grim? Here's a hint from a description of Spiral Theater from Springboard for the Arts:

"Spiral Theater aims to produce seriously silly shows that celebrate our most absurd selves, the wild possibilities of language, and the creative spirit of audiences and artists."

Mission accomplished. With one of the most polished scripts in the Festival, this show uses the strange occurrences at Overtoun Bridge to play with the tropes of murder dramas and have so much fun with language. The characterizations of the town's characters are sharp and distinct and beautifully performed. We will absolutely be keeping an eye out for future work by Spiral Theater. 

Several hours after the show, I realized that the form of the play reminded me of Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound, another script that plays with tropes. But Overtoun is also absolutely original and unique and a must-see. 

You Should See This If You Like:
Midsomer Murders and Police Squad! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Kin: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII


Special When Lit

In Short:
Newlyweds Mona and Rory are celebrating New Year’s Eve at a secluded cabin within the northwoods of Minnesota. There’s a full moon, and the wolves are howling. It’s a night devoted to change, to releasing the past and embracing the future. But are we truly able to shed our skin and begin again?

Selected Cast/Creative:
Nissa Nordland Morgan (Mona) and Tara Lucchino (Rory) play the newlyweds; Shanan Custer plays a mysterious guest to the cabin. Written by Nissa Nordland Morgan and directed by Kayla Dvorak Feld.

Our Thoughts:
Morgan has created an intriguing story of family and change. This is the second show in the Horror Festival that takes place in a secluded cabin in the woods, but unlike Dangerous Productions' Choices where the characters are genuinely threatened by what's in the woods, Kin's story takes place almost completely within the cabin. The placid domestic bliss is interrupted by a visitor (Shanan Custer in a compelling performance) who has a complicated family story to share and Mona finds herself with decisions to make. Also, there may or may not be a severed hand. (See also The Hand That Washed Ashore.)

You Should See This If You Like:
Howling at the moon

Monday, October 23, 2023

Lock-In: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII


Wizard Wax Productions

In Short:
Gabriel, a trans latinx pastor, is new to Bethel Lutheran Church. In his quest to unlock a century old mystery, he invites back the 1985 youth group for an adult lock-in.

Selected Cast/Creative:
The cast includes Jex Arzayus (who also wrote and directed), B. Johnson, Danielle Lynch, Janelle Kloth, Julie Censullo, Laura Hild, Mahmoud Hakima, Maureen Bourgeois, and Will Schroeder.

Our Thoughts:
We saw Lock-In on our second day of the Twin Cities Horror Festival. This is the first of two shows (the other is Shadows Under Wabasha) that are held in VERY INTIMATE Crane Studio space. We're loving the Crane as a lovely, intimate setting for the Twin Cities Horror Festival, but the Studio can feel a little tight. Particularly when there is a "splash zone," where select audience members are provided with plastic rain ponchos. If they've got their splash zone that well planned out, then props to SFX Designer Celeste Williams.

Lock-In is overwhelmingly packed with plot elements. We've got a youth group reunion, a mystery, an escape room, possession, an exorcism, drug addiction, spirit boards, multiple personalities, and probably more that I'm forgetting. Not to mention, we've got family relationships, first loves, Satanists, and murder. It's a lot! Some elements of this show worked very well. There was some good characterization (a standout is Janelle Kloth as the troubled Bo) and relationships, especially considering that this is writer/director/actor Jex Arzayus's first time producing a full-length play. Some of the special effects worked well and I also love the ambitiousness of the set (built by Lucas Nafziger), particularly a trick with a mirror. 

Sure, it could use a little editing, a little smoothing out, but you know what this play has? Heart. When reading the program for Lock-In after seeing the show, we could not help but be incredibly charmed by Jex and their heartfelt appreciation of the cast, the crew, the TCHF, and even "my 7th-grade art students at Parkview Center School for helping make props for the play." Love the effort, love the enthusiasm, love the heart.

You Should See This If You Like:
Taking a chance on a scrappy show in an intimate space. Also, if you bring your program to Wizard Wax record/comic book store, you can get 20% off any item in the store!

Rasputin: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII


Four Humors

In Short: 
Four Humors presents Rasputin: a bloody and hilarious investigation of all three true versions of Rasputin’s gruesome death and the uncertain fate of Mother Russia.

Selected Cast/Creative:
Written and performed by Ryan Lear, Brant Miller, Matt Spring, and Allison Vincent. Moody cello music performed live by Christa Rübsam. The lovely costumes are by Mandi Johnson. Very effective lighting by Jon Kirchhofer. Informative projections and evocative sound by Brant Miller. Stage Manager Corie Casper and Fight Consultant Annie Enneking round out the creative team. 

Our Thoughts: 
As I struggle for words to describe the utter genius of this show, I can't help but be reminded of what the great Ed Grimley said when he was preparing to meet Pat Sajak: "Like I suppose you could do better than that." 

Like I suppose you can do better than the brilliant Four Humors putting their own unique spin on a historical event too wild not to be true: The Murder of Rasputin

Three men meet for dinner with a hidden agenda: Kill the fourth guest, the mysterious monk who has gotten too close to the Czar and Czarina. A little poison should do the trick, but when it doesn't, the would-be murderers have to improvise. Our tale begins with said would-be murderers being questioned about Rasputin's death. Then, with a bit of Rashomon, a hint of historical anachronism, and a whole big bunch of amazing comedic talent, we see each man's retelling of the story.

This show is PERFECT. It's hilariously written and acted, every element is beautifully designed, and the performers of Four Humors play off each other beautifully. They pack SO MUCH into the one-hour running time. And they make it look so easy.

You Should See This If You Like: 
History and humor, a little blood, a fair amount of swears, and excellent work from a stellar ensemble. Oh, and LAUGHING. SO MUCH LAUGHING.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Songversation: We Have Been Told We Will Burn: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Songversation: We Have Been Been Told We Will Burn

Songversations (?)

In Short:
"Songversations is a 2-woman show that uses music, film, imagery, storytelling and scene to explode an idea, a theme or—as we put it—something that 'we have been told.' Songversations could be called a cabaret if a cabaret moved and breathed like a ceremony and felt like a ritual."

Selected Cast/Creative:
There's no program or cast/creative info on the TCHF website, but they do introduce themselves during the show as Shanan (Custer) and Rhiannon (Fiskradatz). You can find their bios on the Bryant Lake Bowl show page when they did this show last year. 

Our Thoughts:
We've been walking into the TCHF shows having done almost no research. We are going to see them all at least once, so why not be surprised? For this show, we knew little other than the title and the presence of Shanan Custer, one of the most endearing and hilarious theater artists in the Twin Cities. As we walk in, we are invited to take some materials for ritual that will happen later in the show. The stage is set with candles and glowing trees and creates a lovely, intimate setting. The performers come out in flowing white dresses and we watch a film about water and the Dakota that ends with a land acknowledgement. 

The show starts and the screen flashes images of witches as the performers sing and take turns declaiming in a beat poetry style. (I might have wanted to snap my fingers after particularly cogent parts. And order a large cappuccino. Hello?!) They also explored the life and work of Sinead O'Connor and showed a short film about Medusa. Lovely singing was done and very thoughtful points were made. The show is quite serious but a few times Shanan Custer had a small flub in her lines and her customary hilarious charm shone through. 

Songversations is a series of shows that Shanan Custer and Rhiannon Fiskradatz have performed at Bryant Lake Bowl over the last few years. The titles of past shows are equally enticing: We Have Been Told to Show Up, We Have Been Told It's Almost Over, and We Have Been Told to Drink More Water. When We Have Been Told We Will Burn was performed at Bryant Lake Bowl last year, it had a two-hour running time. It feels as thought it might have been a challenge to condense a show like this into the short TCHF slot. There's a definite presence and tone that the performers were working to establish. The ritual mentioned above spoke to me more upon reflection after the show. During the show, it seemed like a bit of an afterthought rather than the intentional exercise that it could be. 

You Should See This If You Like:
As listed in the genre info on the website: Theater, Music, Film, Cabaret, Poetry, Feminist Horror, Body Horror, Political Horror

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Hand That Washed Ashore: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

The Hand That Washed Ashore

Mischief Tales

In Short:
A construction crew must clean up a tourist island on Lake Superior; but their plans are delayed when a vengeful disembodied hand is discovered among the debris. 

Selected Cast/Creative Info:
Performed by Ellen Apel, Amanda Chial-Stewart, Gary Danciu, Derek Dirlam, and Lewis Youngren. Written by Vincent S. Hannam, directed by Patrick Kozicky. 

Our Thoughts:
The Hand That Washed Ashore grabs you immediately with the fantastic sound design. The rumbling of the storm that starts off the show rumbles through the theater, making vibrations that you can feel in your body. This is a great way to kick off a horror show. We then meet the members of the clean-up crew: family man Chubb, bitter vet Dutch, 'new guy' Pit, and the boss: Mac. All is proceeding apace when Tracy, a young journalist hops out of a helicopter, here to document the clean-up effort. Or IS SHE? But wait! What is in that mysterious old chest that washed up on shore? And why does is smell so badly?Check out the title for a hint! 

Although there is a lot going on in this show, what really stayed with me is the characters. Derek Dirlam's Chubb was a likeable and sympathetic everyman. (Dirlam plays another "part" later on in the show after Chubb meets a gruesome end.) Gary Danciu is also now on our list of actors to watch as he gave Dutch more depth than you'd expect in such a short play, which also speaks to the writing by Vincent S. Hannam. I really enjoyed the nostalgic, old-fashioned ghost story aspect of this show (and check out the wonderful show art!). I do wish that the visual effects came off a bit more successfully. Although I enjoyed the story, the tone fluctuated unnervingly between serious and silly. Both aspects which may smooth out in later showings or versions, which I'll be keeping an eye (or a hand) out for. 

You Should See This If You Like:
Sympathetic characters, ghost stories of Lake Superior, Evil Dead-like horror-comedy, and disembodied body parts with a mind of their own. 

Also, you know what's fun? Googling 'the hand that washed ashore.' APPARENTLY, this is not an infrequent occurrence. Eek. Yikes.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Choices: Twin Cities Horror Festival XII


Dangerous Productions

In Short: 
When a group of old friends show up for a birthday surprise, it becomes very clear that the dream has become a nightmare.

Selected Cast/Creative Info: 
A lot of faces familiar from past Dangerous Production shows including Leif Jurgensen, Jay Kistler, Laura Mahler, Haley McCormick Jenkins, Derek Sykes, Lily Mills, and Chad Heslup. Directed by Tyler Olsen-Highness. 

Our Thoughts:
As we walked out of Girls in Bins, and the Dangerous Productions folks walked in, we spotted the tarp and if you listened to Twin Cities Theater Chat's episode about TCHF, you know what that tarp means. Blood and lots of it, and this production did not disappoint. Set in a cabin in the woods, John is surprised by a group of friends ready to celebrate his birthday. But why is he so distressed? And where is his partner Greg? And who keeps knocking on the door? 

Although this show starts of with drinking games and laughter, as with most Dangerous Production TCHF shows, things go downhill very quickly and we just need to tell you that there are two (2) "Blood Assistants" listed on the program. Need we say more? The action switches between the birthday party shenanigans in the present and more intimate scenes with John and Greg in the near past. We were really struck by how beautifully Director Tyler Olsen-Highness made these scene changes. The lights in the cabin were constantly going out and the scene would continue until suddenly, the lights came back on and we found ourselves in an entirely new scene. The timing was fantastic. 

Although the question of what is in the woods remains a mystery, the cast is engaging and utterly committed, particularly to the gory scare. There's still some laughter along with the gasps at gore, with Jay Kistler's Nic a particularly bright spot. We also really enjoyed Derek Sykes whose portrayal of Greg showcased humor and heart as well as an endearing acceptance of his horrific fate. 

You Should See This If You Like:
Obviously, blood and/or gore, impressive special effects, a little laughter with your scare, and a little heart with your entrails.

Girls in Bins: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Girls in Bins

The Rachel Teagle Effect

In Short: 
Trapped in her house with nothing to do but listen to true crime podcasts, Ruth is startled to discover a case that hits a bit too close to home.

Selected Cast/Creative Info:
An intimate cast of Siri Hellerman, Suzanne Victoria Cross, and Ben Tallen is rounded out by voicework from Rita Boersma, Heather Meyer, and Elena Glass. Written by Rachel Teagle and directed by Jenny Moeller, with a shoutout to 'Gore Goblin' Shea Roberts Gyllen.

Our Thoughts:
First of all, the Director's Note reads: "Thank you for coming to see a horror show about a pregnant woman." Thank YOU, The Rachel Teagle Effect for not taking the path way too frequently traveled in that area. Siri Hellerman's Ruth is a refreshingly cranky and funny pregnant woman who is utterly addicted to the podcast Murder Bitches and captivated by their coverage of a serial killer who kills women and put them in, yes, bins. BTW, did we mention that the stage setting is very spare, with only a sprinkling of plastic storage bins as set. Anyhoo. 

Rachel Teagle's writing of this show is witty and sharp and we immediately warm to Ruth as well as to her delightful and acerbic friend Yvette (played by Suzanne Victoria Cross in a performance that lights up the dang room). I just had to check and see if Murder Bitches IS a real podcast because the hosts Carrie Showers (ha) and Jennifer Boddy (double ha) as played by Rita Boersma and Heather Meyer respectively are so SPOT ON. A shout out to director Jenny Moeller for the beautiful job intertwining the podcast voiceover with the dialogue on the stage. The timing was impeccable. The entire show was an absolute delight. Another shout out to Siri Hellerman, who depicts the physicality of a pregnant woman with complete authenticity, which is not an easy task.

You Should See This If You Like:
Murder podcasts and making fun of them, sarcastic and funny friends, husbands who travel a little too much, and the wonder and mystery in opaque plastic storage bins.

Marie Jeanne Valet Who Defeated Le Bete du Gevaudan: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Marie Jeanne Valet Who Defeated Le Bete du Gevaudan

By: The Winding Sheet Outfit

In Short: 
France, 1764. Something is hunting the villagers in Gévaudan.

Selected Cast/Creative Info: 
MJVWDLBdG stars lots of delightful familiar faces from previous The Winding Sheet Outfit and Transatlantic Love Affair such as Megan Campbell Lagas, Peyton McCandless, Derek Lee Miller, and Allison Vincent. Directed (and music!) by Amber Bjork with stage management (and magical assistance) from Andre Johnson, Jr. 

Our Thoughts:
No matter what The Winding Sheet Outfit does, it's bound to be magical, mystical, and memorable. Originally produced in 2014 with Sandbox Theater, this was a fantastic kickoff to the Twin Cities Horror Festival XII. While the theatrical magic is incredibly captivating, you may find yourself musing on the allegorical possibilities of this story of a wolf, a girl, a village in poverty, and a king who is heading soon for his own bloody ending. This provided great post-show discussion on the car ride home and a little googling of French history. Rich with story and atmosphere, it's amazing how much theater can be packed into one small hour. 

All of the cast were wonderful (and wore the hell out of those culottes), but we have to give special love to Allison Vincent, who always seems to beautifully balance the delicate line between heartfelt and hilarious. We will never forget Allison's hysterical portrayal of Louis XVI, which reminded us of Hamilton and the scene-stealing King George. How can a show that covers such dark times still make us laugh like crazy? Love ya, The Winding Sheet Outfit.

You Should See This If You Like:
History, devised theater, shadow play, precision, dark fairy tales, capes, the aforementioned culottes, and big wolves.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Super Spooky Horror Recommendations

BareBones Halloween Extravaganza
Photo by Max Haynes
Friends, it's the most wonderful time of the year (if you like horror and theater). But there's a LOT to get to. We have a lot of recommendations and only a few spooky days left!

Don't panic, though! Just listen to the Super Spooky Special Edition of Twin Cities Theater Chat Recommends. Unless you're too scared! Also, listen, subscribe, tell a friend, yada yada!

We talk about the Twin Cities Horror Festival, comedy shows, cabarets and concerts, why this is clearly the year of the puppet, and strategize plans for staying up for late night shows.

And since there's not enough room on our Podcast Show Notes, here's a list of what we talked about AND a few late additions!

Friday, September 29, 2023

Opera Alert! Dark Sisters at Journey North

Quick! Opera fans, particularly fans of contemporary opera, get your tickets to Journey North Opera Co.'s production of Nico Muhly's Dark Sisters, It's only playing September 28 through October 1 at the Southern Theater, so this is officially an opera emergency. 

Cast of Dark Sisters.
Photo by Steve Campbell at
Loco/FX Photography

We'll make this fast: Dark Sisters premiered in 2011 and provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of women living in a polygamous compound who are reeling from a raid in which the government has taken away their children after accusations of abuse. More details:

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Passage by Pillsbury House + Theatre and Exposed Brick Theatre

We went to one of our of our favorite local theaters this week to see a co-production by Pillsbury House + Theatre and Exposed Brick Theatre: The compelling, thought-provoking Passage by Christopher Chen.

From left to right. Back row: Valencia Proctor, James A. Williams, Marisa B. Tejeda*.
Front row: Clay Man Soo, Aamera Siddiqui, and Oogie_Push

The details from PH+T's website: 

Monday, September 18, 2023

OH HELLO. Pardon our absence.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes doing things is hard? Like going places that involve leaving the house? And yet when you actually go and do something like seeing an awesome theater production with a delightfully engaged audience, you wonder why you stopped?

From Lucky Hell on Tumblr

Monday, July 31, 2023

Twin Cities Theater Chat addendum

We've got a Minnesota Fringe-tacular new episode up at Twin Cities Theater Chat called Recommendations from the Voices of Fringe. Do check it out!

BTW, our podcast host has limited characters for the show notes, so here's the full list of recommendations from the lovely people who record the show announcements you'll hear at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

It's (Minnesota) Fringe (Festival) Time! 30 Years!

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is celebrating its thirty years of bringing adventurous theater to Minnesota theatergoers. Thirty years of the MN Fringe! Thousands of shows! So much theater! So many amazing artists!

But we're here to talk 2023 Fringe. Before we get to the shows we're looking forward to, here's some quick details:

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Update: We Left the House! aka Some Shows We've Seen (Summer 2023)

Hello friends!

Our friends over at Cherry and Spoon and The Stages of MN have persuaded us to finally get out and see some theater. So we have! And dang it, we're going to tell you about it.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Othello: The Remix at Minneapolis Musical Theatre

Minneapolis Musical Theatre's mission is to present rarely seen musicals, which has brought more than 40 area premieres to the Twin Cities. Their newest show is a gem of a musical, Othello: The Remix (playing April 21-May 7 at the Phoenix Theater).