Monday, April 30, 2018

You're Gonna Love .... May!

You thought February, March and April were crazy jam-packed with good theater? Wait till you see MAYYYYYY.  (And a little bit of June.)

Be sure to put these shows on your theater schedule!

The Good Person of Szechwan - Ten Thousand Things Theater (May 3 - June 3)

What: "A tale, told with music and humor, of a poor woman who receives a bag of gold from the gods and is torn in two as she tries to help all her struggling friends but take care of herself at the same time."

Why: This is Artistic Director Michelle Hensley's last show before turning TTT over to Marcela Lorca in June 2018, AND it's the first show TTT ever did. Also, it features Christina Baldwin, Sun Mee Chomet, Joy Dolo, Tyson Forbes, Elise Langer, Harry Waters Jr, Karen Wiese-Thompson and Max Wojtanowicz.

High Fidelity - Minneapolis Musical Theatre at the Electric Fetus (May 4 - 20)

What: "When Brooklyn record store owner Rob finds himself unexpectedly dumped, his life takes a music-filled turn toward the introspective. Based on the popular novel by Nick Hornby, High Fidelity follows Rob as he struggles to discover how his relationship went awry, and strives to change his life in order to win back his sweetheart Laura."

Why: Love the book, love the movie, heard the musical was underrated and underappreciated. Also, HELLO, it's at the Electric Fetus. HOW COOL IS THAT? Also, MMT does a fabulous job with smaller, less well-known musicals and they've got heart for days.

She Loves Me - Daleko Arts (May 4 - 20)

What: "Shop clerks, Amalia and Georg, more often than not, don't see eye to eye. After both respond to a "lonely hearts advertisement" in the newspaper, they now live for the love letters that they exchange, but the identity of their admirers remains unknown. Join Amalia and Georg to discover the identity of their true loves... and of all the twists and turns along the way!"

Why: Because we LOVE this show. Love the source material, love the gorgeous music, and love that it has a song about a trip to the library. Also, it's got a great cast and Daleko Arts has done some fabulous musical productions (read our crazy gif-laden rave of their production of Urinetown.)

The Princess' Nightingale - Theater Mu and Steppingstone Theatre (May 4 - May 19)

What: "In eighteenth century China, the prince and the princess of the dynasty embark on a magical competition to learn the wonders of their land. Will they be distracted by the glitter of royalty and fantastical entertainment or will they learn the lessons of the Nightingale and see the world with compassionate eyes?"

Why: Cause it's music, dancing, puppetry and Theater Mu has been killing it lately. Also, we love their new Pay As You Are pricing: "Pay As You Are pricing asks those who routinely pay $35-$40 for theater tickets to choose to pay that; it is the actual fair market value of the ticket. If an audience member needs to pay less, they can choose to pay less – as little as $5 per ticket."

Under This Roof - Full Circle Theater at Guthrie Theater (May 4 - 20)

What: "A world-premiere drama set in the late 1940s during America’s post-WWII recovery, this four-character, two-act play takes place in the segregated black neighborhood of Central Cleveland, which Mamie and Raymond Warren call home. When Mamie desperately needs household help after her husband has a serious accident, she takes a friend’s advice and hires a down-on-her-luck woman named Bessie, whose arrival brings surprises and new challenges."

Why: Because Full Circle Theater is a fairly new theater, with an admirable mission and core values  and an impressive collection of core artists. Also, this is a way to support the production of challenging work on Guthrie Theater stages. Plus, tickets are only $9.00.

Prescription Murder - Ghoulish Delights at Phoenix Theater (May 4 - 13)

What: "Six years before Peter Falk stepped into the role on television, Columbo existed on stage. Ghoulish Delights is thrilled to bring this script to the stage again—not with the intention of recreating a television show in a theater—but rather, to bring one of the most iconic detectives ever created to life. And it is our goal to do so in a way that is new and original, while staying completely faithful to the original characters and story."

Why: The fun cast includes: Riley McNutt, Heidi Berg, Boo Segersin, Craig Johnson, Lana Rosario, with Sam Landman as Lt. Columbo. We tend to enjoy most things Ghoulish Delights do, including their delightful podcast: The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society. Also, it just looks fun. Yay fun!

Marisol - Theatre Coup d'Etat at Springhouse Ministry (May 4 - 19)

What: "Winner of the 1993 Obie Award, Marisol is an apocalyptic urban fantasy which urges society to "wake up" and somehow find a way to recover the long-lost and much-needed compassion for our fellow man, as this is the only way to save our world. Angelic warfare, mental illness, and the disintegration of modern society are the themes of Marisol as we follow Marisol Perez, a young Puerto Rican woman, through a disturbing and disorienting world that pushes the boundaries of conventional theology, biological sex, personal relationships, and the pathology of fear and paranoia."

Why: They had us at "apocalyptic urban fantasy" and cinched the deal by having actual characters of color. Plus, that description! Dang!

Lord Gordon Gordon - History Theatre (May 5 - June 3)

What: "1871. An imposter going by the name of Lord Gordon Gordon wanders into Minnesota and causes such a stir that he nearly ignites a war with Canada. A fake. A fraud. A snake-charmer. This con-artist would dazzle and swindle his way into the hearts and wallets of some very well-to-do Minnesotans and then take them on a journey as twistedly bizarre as Glensheen."

Why: Unusual new musical with music and lyrics by Chan Poling with a fascinating subject and an amazing cast. Yay, new work!

Happy Theatergoing and enjoy MAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!