Thursday, March 20, 2014

If You Loved Tristan & Yseult ...

If you loved Kneehigh's inventive and ingenious production of Tristan & Yseult at the Guthrie, you only have a few more days to catch it again.

But if you can't see it again, fear not. You can still bask in the glow of its romantic, quirky haze with a couple of cool online links:

Interested in learning more about the production, Kneehigh's work, and the original story?  Check out Kneehigh's Student Resource Pack, which includes this utterly lovely line from Mark Shepherd, Kneehigh's Joint Artistic Director (with Emma Rice):  "Why do we do theatre? Because anything could happen and leaps in the dark are imperative."  Amen!

The fabulous Craig JohnsonLoved the evocative music? The Guthrie and Kneehigh put together a great YouTube playlist of the music used in Tristan & Yseult, from Wagner to Yma Sumac to Nick Cave.

Kneehigh's website has a wealth of fascinating resources about this amazing company, based on the Cornwall coast.  They work in barns!  They have a festival called Asylum!  So cool.

Their Watch, Look and Listen page has tons of videos of their past work. Definitely check out the blog and see what the cast members had to say about their visit to Minneapolis.

Adieu, Kneehigh and the Club of the Unloved.  Have a great time at Chicago Shakespeare!  And come back soon!