Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why I Love In the Heights (and you should too)

With the news Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2008 Tony-winning musical In the Heights is part of the 2017-2018 Ordway season, it just reminded me of how completely obsessed I was with this show when I first saw it on Broadway in July 2008.

The Ordway is presenting In the Heights in collaboration with Teatro del Pueblo from September 12-24, 2017. Don't miss it!

Okay, back to me. I mean, OBSESSED.  So obsessed that I avidly followed an In the Heights message board. So obsessed that we went back to New York in February 2009 just to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's last performance as Usnavi.

And so obsessed that I watched every single video about the show. Even back then, Lin-Manuel Miranda knew how to work social media. He posted fabulous, hilarious, insider videos and his genuine love for his work, the show and the theater came through in every one.

Here's a few must-watch videos to get you psyched for In the Heights at the Ordway:

'In the Heights' - 2008 Tony Awards Performance - 96,000
Where it all started. "96,000" from In the Heights, performed on the 2008 Tony Awards.

In The Heights - Recording Session, 2008 Grammy Award Winner (Best Cast Album)
Gorgeous backstage look at the recording session for the cast album. See and hear the cast sing the heck out of this fabulous show.

Dreams Come True ... In the Heights 
For every musical theater nerd who sang the hell out of a cast recording in their bedroom, here's a holiday gift from the cast of In The Heights in December 2008.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Okay, we're both crying.

Legally Brown: The Next Search for the Next Piragua Guy (link goes to the whole series playlist)
Lin-Manuel Miranda's faux reality series about the search for the next piragua guy is freaking hilarious, and features so many fabulous (and self-mocking) Broadway cameos and references. Including the "ubiquitous Seth Rudetsky"!

Seth Rudetsky Deconstructs Andrea Burns from In the Heights
The ubiquitous Seth tells us all about how fantastic Andrea Burns is. It's also a fabulous look at the complexity of the gorgeous music of In the Heights.

To Life; Vanessa's Wedding Surprise
So, Lin-Manuel Miranda married his Vanessa in 2010, and put together this fabulous wedding surprise. So stinking cute.

Super crazy deep musical theater cut of Seth, Joshua Henry (who you'll see in Hamilton in Chicago), and Andrea Burns showing off Joshua Henry's fabulous musical theater improvisation that he does backstage during "Home" at In The Heights.

Happy watching! And listening!