Monday, October 26, 2015

Twin Cities Horror Festival IV: Epidemic - Dangerous Productions

Did I mention that I heart Twin Cities Horror Fest, now in its fourth year?  Cause I really do.

Epidemic - Dangerous Productions
"Eleven people are locked in with a killer disease that eats you alive. Terrifying, bloody, and visceral, the newest horror offering from Dangerous Productions explores crowd violence and psychology, and asks the question: 'How would you like to die?'"

Upon entering the theater, the only set appears to be a blood-stained tarp, with a number of actors standing on it looking mysterious.

As a cast member passes out a diagram of Nosi Biotech, Inc. Residential Quarters, a man with a sweater vest and clipboard begins reporting on an epidemic gone wrong. A virus gets loose, people are affected, and the blood begins to spurt. Yes, spurt. Hence the tarp.

As a huge horror film and theater fan, I find gore depicted on stage to be really interesting. Where in films, it can be truly shocking (as in the recent,, gorgeous Crimson Peak), on stage it often has the effect of comedy, particularly when it's over-the-top. I'm thinking also of The Lieutenant of Inishmore, a dark comedy which was so rich in gore that we stayed for a bit and watched the clean-up crew wrestling with all the blood. Is it possible to have a serious, chilling play and also have arterial blood spray? I don't know.

There was a lot going on in this show. I always love a story about rampant virus (see The Stand), and the idea of a virus which isn't what is seems is fascinating, not to mention how people deal with tragedy and fear, particularly in a work-related situation. I'll be interested to see if this play goes on to further development. Can't give you any cast/writing info--the program insert is just the mysterious diagram.

UPDATE! There is a program, and it can be accessed with the QR Code on the diagram. You can also check it out at the Dangerous Productions website. And you should--the photography for this program is GORGEOUS (by Søren Olsen, Gifthorse Photography).

If You're Sensitive and/or Delicate: Oh, it's gory. Real gory. Don't forget to check out Twin Cities Horror Festival's handy genre and ratings guide.