Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Twin Cities Horror Festival IV - Horrorshow Hot Dog Short Film Festival

Show five for me at the Twin Cities Horror Festival IV was a bit of a departure from the other shows, Instead of theater, this show was devoted to short horror films.

Presented by Horrorshow Hot Dog, a weekly horror movie podcast featuring Matt Allex, Charlie Buttermann, and Joshua Nite, the short film festival presented a different line-up every night. Check out the full line-up and info for each film at their website.

Here's what I LOVE: Being introduced to a whole world that I just missed somehow. As a huge fan of horror films, how could I not know how many cool short horror films are on the Internet? And how could I have missed realizing that, like short horror stories, short horror films might just be the perfect way to get your horror fix? Sheesh.

Sadly, because I'm lazy, this was the last show, and I can't urge you to go see it, but I will share what HSHD emphasized: If you see a great short film online that you love, share it, like it, promote it, cause that's how great short films get made into great full-length films.

The six short films were all incredibly well-done, and alternately hilarious and chilling. The beautiful thing about these films is HERE YOU GO! Check them out!  Yay internet!

Thresher: A Horror Short directed by Mike Diva - Chilling, Lovecraftian

Perished: Short Zombie Film directed by Aron McCann and Stefan Radanavoich 

Gotcher directed by Bruce Branit - Can't say anything about it, but it's a must-see and SUPER short

He Took His Skin Off For Me directed by Ben Aston - So very strange but compelling and beautiful

Seamstress directed by Tyler Mann - See crazy creepy pic below.

Don't Move directed by Anthony Melton - Beautifully done, flat-out scary, and probably the one that will stay with me the longest. Besides Gotcher, of course.

Yay short films! Check out Horrorshow Hot Dog for more horror film fun, plus tons of short horror films.