Monday, July 31, 2023

Twin Cities Theater Chat addendum

We've got a Minnesota Fringe-tacular new episode up at Twin Cities Theater Chat called Recommendations from the Voices of Fringe. Do check it out!

BTW, our podcast host has limited characters for the show notes, so here's the full list of recommendations from the lovely people who record the show announcements you'll hear at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

The Voices of Fringe you'll hear today are Maria Ghasssemlou, Leah Cooper, Natalie Rae Wass, and Josh Carson. Below are their show recommendations, including that of fifth Voice Jennifer Walker.

Maria Ghassemlou is "seriously expecting silliness" and recommends:

- Stabby Stab Stab by Special When Lit and The Winding Sheet Outfit
- Climbing my family tree by Kurkendaal Barrett Presentations
- Fire in My Veins: Blazing through Life with Invisible Illness by Allison Broeren
- The Windblown Cheeks Of Lovers by Mike Fotis Productions
-20,000 Leagues Under the Telltale Heart by Wet Splat Productions

Leah Cooper's favorite Fringe experience "is a mix of a little bit of known and a little bit of total discovery." Her five picks are:

- Baldwin's Last Fire by Black Lives Black Words International Project
- Ha Ha Da Vinci by Phina Pipia
- Reincarnation Soup by Viet Nguyen
- What If We Hugged? by Comedy Suitcase
- Two Stars in the Vast Dark By Found Creature

Natalie Rae Wass says about picking Fringe shows: "Follow that curiosity because it can lead you to some magical places!" and recommends:

- Behemoth by Hey Rube!
- Lost In Bear Country: Birth, God, Death... and the Berenstain Bears by Phil Gonzales / Raffish Ripoff Productions
- A Jingle Jangle Morning by Spektakular Theatre
- FLOAT by Juliana Frick
- Pearl and Eugene: One Last Shtick by Clucklesworth Productions
- My Only Hope for a Hero by Rogues Gallery Arts

For Josh Carson, "the whole point of Fringe is to discover someone new, and there's a lot of opportunity to do that." His picks:

- Fargo Allegro by Nightfall Productions
- Dock Work by Jackdonkey Productions
- CHRIS DAVIS DOES STUFF by Chrisdavisdoesstuff
- John Wick by Tim Wick (no relation) by Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!

Jennifer Walker's picks for the Fringe include:

- 5 Prisoners by Ghoulish Delights
- Let Me Say This About That by Imaginary Podcast Network
- Star Trek: The Next Improvisation - Presented by HUGE Theater by Boldly Go Productions
- The Very Model of a Modern Monster Scientist by Mermaid Productions
- Yes No Maybe (please explain) By Sandbox Theatre

Twin Cities Theater Chat is produced and hosted by Carol Jackson of Minnesota Theater Love and members of the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers collective. As always, you can find the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers on Facebook and on Instagram. Read our review round-ups and go see a show today!

Happy Fringing, everyone!