Monday, September 18, 2023

OH HELLO. Pardon our absence.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes doing things is hard? Like going places that involve leaving the house? And yet when you actually go and do something like seeing an awesome theater production with a delightfully engaged audience, you wonder why you stopped?

From Lucky Hell on Tumblr

HELLO. That's us. Life is complicated all around but dang it, thanks to the amazing example and warm support of our Twin Cities Theater Blogger friends--like the indefatigable Cherry and Spoon and The Stages of MN--we are going to do our best to return to seeing all of the utterly fantastic theater that the Twin Cities has to offer. 

But in the meantime . . . don't forget that we have a podcast with our other Twin Cities Theater Blogger friends called Twin Cities Theater Chat! It's NEAT. It's available on the internets and wherever you access your favorite podcasts.

We have two types of podcasts: Mainstage and Recommends. On the Mainstage episode, we interview theater artists and ask them probing questions like: "How do you learn all those lines?" (In all seriousness, I have promised to stop asking that question.) 

We've had the great fortune of chatting with a number of fabulous local theater artists and can't wait to chat with more. Even after so many years of loving theater, we are learning so much from these wonderfully thoughtful and creative artists.

Have trouble settling on which local theater show(s) to add to your busy calendar? Check out our Recommends episodes, where our bloggers share which local shows they're seeing, recommending and eagerly anticipating. Think of it as a bite-sized theater sampler!

Check it out, tell your friends, rate and review us, yada yada. And happy theatergoing to you! 💜