Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Twin Cities Horror Festival V: Edgar Allan by The Coldharts

What's It About: "Little Edgar Allan met his shadow on the first day of school. His shadow follows him everywhere now… sabotaging his plans, stunting his achievements, souring his joy. Little Edgar Allan wants to be rid of his shadow… but Little Edgar Allan is afraid of the dark."

Edgar Allan is performed by The Coldharts, and is a charming, simple musical about young Edgar Allan and the mysterious other Edgar Allan that he meets at school. It's unsurprisingly dark and surprisingly funny, with a whole lot of story for a one-hour show. The Coldharts are Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan, two theatre artists based in Brooklyn, New York. They create American Gothic-inspired, devised, music-theatre. Edgar Allan is part of The Coldharts American Gothic trilogy, all three of which were performed at the Twin Cities Horror Festival. I'm really hoping they'll return next year so I can see all three. Please come back soon, The Coldharts!

If You're Sensitive and/or Delicate: No worries. Unless you have a fear of ukeleles.

In Short: It's funny and grim and dark and charming.