Sunday, August 20, 2017

Making It Home - MN Fringe 2017

By Delve Theatre
Created by the Storytellers
Playing at Theatre in the Round
Storytelling/Spoken word, Includes artists of color

The largest population of Somalis in North America lives in the Twin Cities. Listen as a local ensemble of storytellers share their experiences of the joys and challenges of creating home in Minnesota.

I love the idea of this show and I love the image depicted in this amazing photo, which sums up so much in one fabulous picture. In this show, somewhat awkwardly told in the round, Somali family members share their stories of coming to Minnesota. The show is put together by Zac Deventhal, who provides background into immigrant stories (perhaps a bit too much) and sums up the show. I admire this show, and I loved hearing these stories. I wish the sound had been a bit better, but so glad I saw it.