Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Last Bombardment - MN Fringe 2017

By Oncoming Productions
Created by Oncoming Productions, fr. the short story by Kenneth Schneyer
Playing at Ritz Theater Mainstage
Physical theater/Clowning, Sci-fi/Mystery/Horror, Literary adaptation, Includes artists of color

Nobody noticed the first bombardment, not when it happened. One morning we woke up as usual, and there were babies on our doorsteps. We chose to take them in. Then the choices got much, much harder. (Horror)

Deeply strange play about a community where babies show up on people's doorsteps, causing all sorts of consternation for those who want children, those who don't, and the sheriff who is trying to figure out what's happening. When those who have taken in the babies sicken and die, as do everyone who comes in contact with the children, things take an incredibly dark turn. Such as, what happens the next time babies show up. The show is told through inventive, spare physical theater (this company performed the Deep Dark at Twin Cities Horror Festival IV) and is truly chilling. I love me some horror, but man, there's a lot of killing babies in this show, which made me really wonder about the source material (a short story by Kenneth Schneyer) and the author's intention. Still, based on this and the Deep Dark, I'll be keeping an eye out for Oncoming Productions.