Saturday, July 20, 2019

Minnesota Family Fringe - Don't Miss It!

Whether you're a hard-core Minnesota Fringe Festival fan or new to the Fringe, do not miss Family Fringe!

What Is Family Fringe? 
"Family Fringe offers children and families interested in new and adventurous work the ability to see shows presented by companies creating multi-generational productions. 

Family Fringe is a separate, juried festival taking place over two weekends (July 26-28 and August 2-4) in tandem with the Minnesota Fringe Festival." (Fringe website) 

Why You Need To Go:

Families, friends: this is an amazing and rare opportunity to see a wide variety of theater that is created specifically for families by talented, local artists.
  • Each Family Fringe show is chosen by a jury of talented theatermakers. 
  • Ticket prices are crazy reasonable. Only $6.00 for children under 12. If you’ve visited the largest children’s theater in town, you know that $6.00 will barely get you a coffee there. 
  • Each Family Fringe show is under one hour long. Perfect for short attention spans!
  • All Family Fringe shows are performed at the (very accessible) Barbara Barker Center for Dance on the West Bank.
ALSO: Family Fringe will include two relaxed performances especially tailored for patrons affected by autism or those with sensory-processing sensitivities. More info about  these performances and other accessibility options here:

Having checked out the Family Fringe Preview Nights at Ramsey County Library, we can safely say you are in for a treat with these shows. There's something for every family! (Text in italics is from the Fringe website.)
Super Drag Story Time
If You Love Musicals, Books and GLAMOUR, check out:

Super Drag Story Time by Storyland Magic Carpet
Camp, Color, Puppetry, Music and Dance collide in this Glamourous and uplifting Storytelling event featuring local Drag Queens and Kings. Fun for the kids and the parents as well. Hosted by Martina Marraccino!

Because ... 
If you've not seen Lady Martina (aka Martino Mayotte) before you're in for a treat. We first discovered Lady Martina at the Twin Cities Horror Festival and have been big fans ever since. In this show, Martina (and friends) brings her gorgeous voice and fabulous wit to drag story time, featuring books like Julian Is a Mermaid. AND, Storyland Magic Carpet has two sensory-friendly performances (August 2 and 3 at 10:00 a.m.)
Minneapolis Human Rhythm Project
If You Love Dance, Rhythm, and Adorable Kids, don't miss:

Minneapolis Human Rhythm Project by Keane Sense of Rhythm 
A celebration of dance and rhythm. African , K-pop, Break, Tap, Taiko Drumming, live music and dancers with special needs. A celebration of dance by and for all ages, abilities and ethnicities.

Because ... 
The Minneapolis Human Rhythm Project is a collaboration between Keane Sense of Rhythm, which has twenty years of experience in training tap dancers, and Universal Dance Destiny, which focuses on traditional west African dance with live drumming accompaniment and contemporary African dance. Multigenerational and diverse, this delightful show celebrates dance from all around the world.
Paws 'n Effect
If You Love Dogs, Cities, and Sweet Stories, you need to see:

Paws 'n Effect by Off-Leash Area
This is a comic & enchanted story about a misunderstood little girl in the big city, who runs away from home and meets a magical dog in Central Park. Movement/projected animation/an original score - and a dog!

Because ... 
It has a dog! A super cute dog! Also, the combination of animation and score with live action as we follow the adventures of Lucy and Lily as they explore the city makes for a delightful multi-media experience. Plus, a dog!
Hodge Podge
If You Love Physical Comedy, Clowning, and Amazing Juggling, you really mustn't miss:

Hodge Podge by Benjamin Domask
Benjamin Domask uses the bits and pieces collected from his brain around the ideas of play, curiosity, and exploration to make the experience that is HODGE PODGE.

Because ... 
Don't think you like mime? Benjamin Domask's seemingly magical juggling and physical comedy skills will win over any possible mime skeptic. Interactive and engaging, the show description includes this charming note: "Disclaimer: Balls will be juggled, feathers will be balanced, a projector will be used."
Destination: Everywhere
If You Love Mime, Audience Interaction, and Silent Storytelling, try:

Destination: Everywhere by Broken Box Mime Theater
Comprised of original tales and interactive shorts by NYC's favorite silent storytellers, DESTINATION: EVERYWHERE is a boisterous, hour-long adventure that invites families to journey through invisible worlds.

Because ... 
You saw Benjamin Domask's Hodge Podge and decided you want more mime, dang it! Also, audience interaction and the opportunity to learn a little mime yourself. Amaze your friends!

If You Love Improv, and Dream of Bringing Your Kids to Second City, why not check out:

Bedtime Stories by Brave New Workshop Student Union
Bedtime Stories is an improv show featuring teen students of the Brave New Workshop Student Union. Come along for the ride as they create fully realized children's stories based on audience suggestions!

Because ... 
It's teens! Improvising! Can they make it through without swears? Come and see!

That's it! Six great shows, two weekends!

What You Need to Know:
This year, Family Fringe takes place July 26-28 and August 2-4, slightly before and during the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which takes place August 1-11, 2019. All performances will be at the Barbara Barker Center for Dance on the West Bank.

Ticket Info:
Tickets to all Minnesota Fringe Festival (including Family Fringe) shows are $14.00 each. Youth under the age of 12 qualify for the $6 admission price. Infants in laps do not need tokens, but toddlers do. More info about tickets and multi-show passes is at the Fringe Festival FAQ page.

And One More Reminder Why Family Fringe is Awesome:
“[Family Fringe] programming offers young audiences and their care providers new and adventurous options that are hard to find and/or underrepresented in traditional theater spaces." (Family Fringe website) 
Don't miss these fabulous shows!