Friday, October 20, 2023

Girls in Bins: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Girls in Bins

The Rachel Teagle Effect

In Short: 
Trapped in her house with nothing to do but listen to true crime podcasts, Ruth is startled to discover a case that hits a bit too close to home.

Selected Cast/Creative Info:
An intimate cast of Siri Hellerman, Suzanne Victoria Cross, and Ben Tallen is rounded out by voicework from Rita Boersma, Heather Meyer, and Elena Glass. Written by Rachel Teagle and directed by Jenny Moeller, with a shoutout to 'Gore Goblin' Shea Roberts Gyllen.

Our Thoughts:
First of all, the Director's Note reads: "Thank you for coming to see a horror show about a pregnant woman." Thank YOU, The Rachel Teagle Effect for not taking the path way too frequently traveled in that area. Siri Hellerman's Ruth is a refreshingly cranky and funny pregnant woman who is utterly addicted to the podcast Murder Bitches and captivated by their coverage of a serial killer who kills women and put them in, yes, bins. BTW, did we mention that the stage setting is very spare, with only a sprinkling of plastic storage bins as set. Anyhoo. 

Rachel Teagle's writing of this show is witty and sharp and we immediately warm to Ruth as well as to her delightful and acerbic friend Yvette (played by Suzanne Victoria Cross in a performance that lights up the dang room). I just had to check and see if Murder Bitches IS a real podcast because the hosts Carrie Showers (ha) and Jennifer Boddy (double ha) as played by Rita Boersma and Heather Meyer respectively are so SPOT ON. A shout out to director Jenny Moeller for the beautiful job intertwining the podcast voiceover with the dialogue on the stage. The timing was impeccable. The entire show was an absolute delight. Another shout out to Siri Hellerman, who depicts the physicality of a pregnant woman with complete authenticity, which is not an easy task.

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Murder podcasts and making fun of them, sarcastic and funny friends, husbands who travel a little too much, and the wonder and mystery in opaque plastic storage bins.