Sunday, October 25, 2015

Twin Cities Horror Fest IV: The Deep Dark - Oncoming Productions

Did I mention that I heart Twin Cities Horror Fest, now in its fourth year?  Cause I really do.

The Deep Dark - Oncoming Productions
"When a boat like The High Hope sinks into the ocean, you don't expect to see it again. Maybe that is for the best. Told through movement, sound, and light, The Deep Dark is an account of two sisters' strange, harrowing return to the wreck that killed their father, and their encounter with what has been waiting for them in the depths."

How do you depict the depths of the ocean onstage at The Southern Theater? Very inventively.

Sisters Kara (Billie Jo Konze) and Annie (Kayla Dvorak Feld), the "Miracle Fuller Sisters," are going about their everyday lives. Annie spends her time near and in the ocean, researching whales and Kara, deathly afraid, refuses to go near the water. When Annie finds what she think is the wreck of their father's boat, both sisters go into the "deep dark."

The production of this show is beautifully done. With only a few chairs to provide sets (which reminded me of the Scottsboro Boys set) such as sofas, bars and even a research boat, the physical production is amazingly minimal. This show is all about the gorgeously atmospheric, ambient, chilling sound design and equally evocative lighting design.

I hate to say too much--I don't want to give anything away, including how they evoke the ocean, swimming and the secret behind the wreck.  I will say this: If you like the sense of the deep, dark ocean, read Susan Casey's book The Devil's Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America's Great White Sharks. Although it's about sharks rather than wrecks, it wonderfully evokes the sheer depth and mystery of the ocean.

If You're Sensitive and/or Delicate: Don't forget to check out Twin Cities Horror Festival's handy genre and ratings guide.

In Short: The Deep Dark is a chilling, atmospheric production that handles real issues of fear and grief in a creative, heartfelt fashion. If you love the work of Transatlantic Love Affair (and you should), you will likely enjoy this as well.