Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Very Asian Xmas 2015 - Mu Performing Arts

For two shows only (11/28 and 11/29), Mu Performing Arts celebrates the holidays with A Very Asian Xmas 2015: The Mu-Lan Rouge at the Southern Theater. This show is a completely delightful way to kick off your holiday season.

The fun begins before you even enter the theater, since your Mu ticket price includes drink tickets for the bar as well as a lovely buffet with food by Tea House and Funfare Global Street Eats. The atmosphere feels much more like a party than a conventional show in a most charming way.

The show itself, hosted by Jasmine (Randy Reyes--spoiler!) with a French-inspired flair, includes a line-up of musical numbers that are way too delightful to spoil here. Suffice it to say that the numbers, ranging from holiday medleys, musical theater songs--classic and new, and even a little opera (exquisitely sung by Francesca Dawis and Isabella Dawis) range from funny to poignant to sweet to rockin'. Musical backing is provided by musical director Stephen Houtz, Doug Nelson, Brian Glenn, and KT Thompson.

And Mu Daiko! Having just seen my first Mu Daiko show (and having LOVED it), I was excited to see Jennifer Weir, Susan Tanabe, and Jeff Ellworth again. I truly think their drumming is good for the heart and soul, and I love how much fun they all seem to be having.

All the performers were wonderful, hence I'm naming them all here. In addition to Reyes and the Dawises, we had Katie Bradley, Sheena Janson, Sherwin Resurreccion, Stephanie Bertumen, Kylee Brinkman and Hope Nordquist. Some familiar to me, some less so, but all completely delightful.

If I can get a little personal up in here, I will tell you honestly that my cheeks totally hurt from smiling, and it made me want to go home and sing. I call that a successful show!