Sunday, August 20, 2017

Stranger-er Things: Netflix and Kill - MN Fringe 2017

By Turd Spout Productions
Created by Tom Reed
Playing at Phoenix Theater
Solo show, Sci-fi/Mystery/Horror
Warnings: Adult language.

Parody powerhouse Tom Reed hilariously reenacts season one of "Stranger Things" in a one-man musical romp. This nostalgia and pop culture-infused horror cranks the comedy to Eleven and will leave you dying.

I've seen maybe two episodes of Stranger Things, but my friend Cherry and Spoon LOVES Tom Reed, so we checked it out. Despite not knowing much about the source material, this show was hilarious. This two-man show features Tom Reed acting out all of the characters and situations in the first season of Stranger Things, accompanied by Jon Pumper on the piano. Of course, Tom Reed was energetic and very funny, but we loved watching Jon Pumper accompany Reed and his deadpan reaction shots. I swear, it was nearly as good as watching Reed. Again, these are two more to watch for these fairly Fringe newbies!