Monday, August 12, 2019

MN Fringe 2019: IN SUMMARY

My final Fringo card. Not too bad!
Well, that's it. Pretty freaking fantastic 2019 Minnesota Fringe, we have to say. 

We saw 18 shows at 10 different venues over 8 days. For the most part, the shows were outstanding. And if not outstanding, all had something to recommend them. Either we're choosing skillfully, or we've been blessed by the Fringe gods.

Here's what we saw:

A Cult Classic by Sheep Theater
Xena and Gabrielle Smash the Patriarchy By Mermaid Productions
Measure4Measure By Rough Magic Performance Company 
Reverend Matt's Monster Science Presents How to Come Back from the Dead by Monster Science Productions

The Tale of The Bloody Benders By The Feral Theatre Company
#FirstDate By Scammers, Thieves, and The Like

Minneapolis Human Rhythm Project By Keane Sense of Rhythm
Chisago: The Musical By Haute Dish Productions 
Mad as Nell, or How to Lose a Bly in Ten Days By Rinky Dink Operations

Edith Gets High By Devious Mechanics 
Frankenstein: Two Centuries By Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society
Hello Mother By Haunt Armada

Escape This - TheatreX
Size - Somerville Productions 
A Confederate Widow in Hell - Breaker Fixer 
Swan Song - Third Floor Flat Productions

Days Seven and Eight: The Home Stretch
Visitation - DangerVision Productions
Stoopidity - By Ian McCarthy, Michael McKitt, Domino D'Lorion

Shows we especially regret missing:

You Are Cordially Invited to the Life and Death of Edward Lear - The Winding Sheet Outfit
The Lunch Bunch - Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!
A Man's Guide for Appropriate Behavior in the 21st Century - One T Productions

Final thoughts:
  • Loved the multi-show passes. Wish we had bought them online in advance, but they made ticket purchasing go very speedily.
  • Great management of lines. Well-marked lines for ticketing and entering the theater, as well as special Artist Rush Lines. 
  • The volunteers were excellent. Occasionally slightly over-zealous, but for the most part, helpful and friendly.
  • Parking was easy and inexpensive. We didn't pay more than five dollars per Fringe day or night out.
  • Loved the convenience of all the shows at the Rarig, but really enjoyed the hospitality at the Southern, the Ritz and Mixed Blood. (Okay, they had bars, but those theater nights got long!)
  • Wish everyone had printed programs, especially if they haven't shared much info on the MN Fringe website, as it helps the audience member (and blogger) note particularly strong performers and creative artists.
All in all, this was a kickass Minnesota Fringe Festival and our thanks and appreciation go to all the artists, volunteers, and staff who worked so hard to provide an amazing theater experience.