Wednesday, October 31, 2018

TCHF VII: Reverend Matt's Monster Science - Demons of the Deep Blue Sea

Show: Demons of the Deep Blue Sea
By: Monster Science Productions

Krakens are the best. Look at him hug that ship!
Genre: Theater, Comedy, historical, non-fiction, storytelling

What's It All About:
"Rev. Matt’s infotational talks return! Get the historical background, comedy jokes, and PowerPoint that you need about the monsters we create and the fears they embody. This year, the first two dates will feature a talk about Old Nick, the First Among the Fallen, the history of the Christian Satan himself. And the last three will be a piece about sirens, krakens, Great Cthulhu, and other horrors of the deep blue sea!"

What We Thought:
Reverend Matt of Rev. Matt's Monster Science is presenting two shows at this year's Twin Cities Horror Festival: Sympathy for the Devil and Demons of the Deep Blue Sea. We've already gone on at considerable length about Rev. Matt and his Monster Science, who we first encountered at last year's TCHF. We've used the word delightful more times than we can count. We see his shows even when they are VERY LATE. What else is there to say?

We will say this: When Rev. Matt talks about cephalopods, his face lights up.

Many people can (and DO) talk about their passions endlessly, but Rev. Matt makes his passion (for monsters!) personal, relatable, informative and completely hilarious. His enthusiasm is endearing and infectious--especially for the topic of creatures of the sea, which is rich with mythological, historical, and literary wonder, plus a few Ray Harryhausen references.

In a Star Tribune article, Jason Ballweber of the TCHF says: "'You could talk to Reverend Matt all night if you just asked him, ‘Hey, what do you think about vampires?’" After seeing a Rev. Matt's Monster Science show, that's exactly what you want to do. Demons of the Deep Blue Sea is one of his most delightful shows. Don't miss it.