Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Twin Cities Horror Fest VII: Review Round-up

Dear TCHF, Love us.
Friends, I can't remember: Did we mention that we LOVE the Twin Cities Horror Festival? Cause we do. And you should GO. Sincerely, us.

For your TCHF-going (or vicarious reading) enjoyment, here are links to our posts about the shows in this year's festival:

A Morbid History of Sons and Daughters by The Vincent Hovis Experience
"The performances are universally excellent and the songs are intriguing..."

Reverend Matt's Monster Science: Sympathy for the Devil by Monster Science Productions
"His delightful shows are a perfect intermezzo between more spooky offerings."

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Rogues Gallery Arts
"Just a beautifully done show. Bring your family--or anyone who is young at heart."

St Kilda by Jody Christopherson
"Atmospheric and dreamy, St Kilda is a unique theatrical experience."

Book of Shadows II by Erin Sheppard Presents
"Her musical choices are delightful, and her dances are modern and fresh."

Greenway by Tom Reed
"Has a delightful slow burn and beautifully settles into a suspenseful, tense atmosphere"

Reverend Matt's Monster Science: Demons of the Deep Blue Sea by Monster Science Productions
"Rev. Matt makes his passion (for monsters!) personal, relatable, informative and completely hilarious."

And here's what other reviewers are saying:

TC Horror Fest review: Danger on the Greenway, campfire tales, and other terrors - Jay Gabler (City Pages)