Monday, October 29, 2018

TCHF VII: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Show: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
By: Rogues Gallery Arts

Genre: Theater, Music, All Ages, comedy, historical, non-fiction, storytelling

What's It All About:
"Based on the classic American horror story by Washington Irving. In the old town of Sleepy Hollow Katrina Van Tassel meets the new schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane. He desires her hand, but several obstacles stand against their pairing including local ruffian, Brom Bones, and the ghostly spectre of a Headless Horseman rumored to reside in the area."

What We Thought:
I do love the HH. Not sure what that says
about my taste in men.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is the only show in the Twin Cities Horror Festival that's listed as "family friendly" and judging by the giggles from the children in the theater, it's a success. (And children are a tough audience!) This show is beautifully adapted from Washington Irving's story by Duck Washington and Tim Wick. Although this is a familiar tale, the adaptation has rich characterization of even the supporting characters. (More of Jason Kruger's Reuben, please!)

The musical trio of Arabella (Erin Kennedy), Stan (Geoffrey Brown) and Burt (Tim Wick) narrate the action with clever, tuneful songs by Geoffrey Brown and Tim Wick. Andy Browers as Ichabod Crane and Missy Watson as Katrina Von Tassel are charming, engaging performers and their love story has a surprising, feminist twist. Mahmoud Hakima's sympathetic portrayal of Brom Bones made me reconsider the character entirely. The low-tech, but ingenious design of minimal props and projections focuses on the strong storytelling, creating a beautifully old-fashioned experience. That said, the depiction of the Headless Horseman and his chase of Ichabod is AMAZING. Just a beautifully done show. Bring your family--or anyone who is young at heart.

Last year, Rogues Gallery Arts brought us the most chilling play in the festival: Intuition and the Mantis. Remembering that show made us appreciate anew Duck Washington's writing and especially his gifts in creating strong characters, especially women. 💓