Saturday, October 28, 2023

Ghost in the Machine: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Ghost in the Machine

Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!

In Short:
Artificial intelligence - true artificial intelligence - is impossible. You can't create a computer that thinks like a human brain. But what if the computer had a human brain? And what if the human wanted their brain back?

Selected Cast/Creative:
It's an intimate cast, consisting of Elora Riley, Philip D. Henry, Emma Inga, and Dawn Krosnowski.

Our Thoughts:
Well, first of all, I blame this show for the fact that snippets of songs by The Police have been running through my mind for DAYS. Our heroine, Arwyn, is obsessed with The Police and even a Police cover band. Hence the very appropriate title of this show. This is a really tight, compelling, and intimate show that follows a programming genius as she gets a mysterious invitation from a secretive company. 

Compelled by a generous salary, Arwyn agrees to a job working with an advanced AI system called Phoebe. Naturally, she also investigates the company that employs her, but is not prepared for what she learns.

With the advances and potential dangers of artificial intelligence very much in the news, this is a timely story that's a little too close to reality. Tim Wick's strong script cleverly acknowledges its pop culture references. Elora Riley as Arwyn leads the excellent ensemble with an engaging, memorable performance as the cool coder girl. Although the set and special effects are minimal, this show provides some great shocks. 

Don't make me send "a message in a bottle" that "every little thing [this show] does is magic" and will have you "wrapped around [its] finger." (Sorry, I couldn't resist!!)

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Being freaked out by AI, the idea of getting $50,000 for a job interview. Yes, please!