Friday, October 20, 2023

Marie Jeanne Valet Who Defeated Le Bete du Gevaudan: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII

Marie Jeanne Valet Who Defeated Le Bete du Gevaudan

By: The Winding Sheet Outfit

In Short: 
France, 1764. Something is hunting the villagers in GĂ©vaudan.

Selected Cast/Creative Info: 
MJVWDLBdG stars lots of delightful familiar faces from previous The Winding Sheet Outfit and Transatlantic Love Affair such as Megan Campbell Lagas, Peyton McCandless, Derek Lee Miller, and Allison Vincent. Directed (and music!) by Amber Bjork with stage management (and magical assistance) from Andre Johnson, Jr. 

Our Thoughts:
No matter what The Winding Sheet Outfit does, it's bound to be magical, mystical, and memorable. Originally produced in 2014 with Sandbox Theater, this was a fantastic kickoff to the Twin Cities Horror Festival XII. While the theatrical magic is incredibly captivating, you may find yourself musing on the allegorical possibilities of this story of a wolf, a girl, a village in poverty, and a king who is heading soon for his own bloody ending. This provided great post-show discussion on the car ride home and a little googling of French history. Rich with story and atmosphere, it's amazing how much theater can be packed into one small hour. 

All of the cast were wonderful (and wore the hell out of those culottes), but we have to give special love to Allison Vincent, who always seems to beautifully balance the delicate line between heartfelt and hilarious. We will never forget Allison's hysterical portrayal of Louis XVI, which reminded us of Hamilton and the scene-stealing King George. How can a show that covers such dark times still make us laugh like crazy? Love ya, The Winding Sheet Outfit.

You Should See This If You Like:
History, devised theater, shadow play, precision, dark fairy tales, capes, the aforementioned culottes, and big wolves.