Monday, October 23, 2023

Rasputin: Twin Cities Horror Fest XII


Four Humors

In Short: 
Four Humors presents Rasputin: a bloody and hilarious investigation of all three true versions of Rasputin’s gruesome death and the uncertain fate of Mother Russia.

Selected Cast/Creative:
Written and performed by Ryan Lear, Brant Miller, Matt Spring, and Allison Vincent. Moody cello music performed live by Christa Rübsam. The lovely costumes are by Mandi Johnson. Very effective lighting by Jon Kirchhofer. Informative projections and evocative sound by Brant Miller. Stage Manager Corie Casper and Fight Consultant Annie Enneking round out the creative team. 

Our Thoughts: 
As I struggle for words to describe the utter genius of this show, I can't help but be reminded of what the great Ed Grimley said when he was preparing to meet Pat Sajak: "Like I suppose you could do better than that." 

Like I suppose you can do better than the brilliant Four Humors putting their own unique spin on a historical event too wild not to be true: The Murder of Rasputin

Three men meet for dinner with a hidden agenda: Kill the fourth guest, the mysterious monk who has gotten too close to the Czar and Czarina. A little poison should do the trick, but when it doesn't, the would-be murderers have to improvise. Our tale begins with said would-be murderers being questioned about Rasputin's death. Then, with a bit of Rashomon, a hint of historical anachronism, and a whole big bunch of amazing comedic talent, we see each man's retelling of the story.

This show is PERFECT. It's hilariously written and acted, every element is beautifully designed, and the performers of Four Humors play off each other beautifully. They pack SO MUCH into the one-hour running time. And they make it look so easy.

You Should See This If You Like: 
History and humor, a little blood, a fair amount of swears, and excellent work from a stellar ensemble. Oh, and LAUGHING. SO MUCH LAUGHING.