Saturday, October 28, 2017

TCHF VI: Hand-Picked by Theater Unchecked

Show: Hand-Picked

Theater: Theater Unchecked

Genre: Theater, Dark Comedy

What It's All About: 
"A leadership camp for young women takes a dark turn when select campers learn they have been invited in exchange for much more than their skills. A dark comedy about the realistic horrors of racism, privilege, appropriation, and systemic oppression. Created, written, and performed by female identifying theater artists."

What We Thought:
Hand-Picked takes the tropes of sleepaway camp movies and adds a whole lot of contemporary issues. Well-acted by a good cast, and making excellent use of the Southern stage and theater, it is a play with a whole lot to say--and yay!--it's a show that is completely filled with female voices. There are moments of surprising gore, and plenty of uncomfortably knowing laughter. For a first play from young emerging artists, it's awfully impressive. It's not the most subtle play, but these are remarkably unsubtle times.

Directed by Marisa B. Tejeda and Sulia Rose Altenberg, we loved this from their Director's Note:

"No, not all white people are practicing racists. But, complacency is dangerous. Ask yourself, what are you doing to raise up the people of color and queer people in your own community?

Patrons of the theater, we hope you feel aggravated to make an impact after this piece. Believe women. Believe in women. Shut down racism and homophobia. Check in with your community and take care of each other."

YES! We'll definitely be following Theater Unchecked.