Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Twin Cities Horror Festival VI: Why I LOVE TCHF and Review Roundup

Wanna see something scary? 

One of the joys of seeing all twelve shows at the Twin Cities Horror Festival in one glorious weekend is that now I can see some again. And so can you!

The Twin Cities Horror Festival VI runs through November 5th at the Southern Theater and there is so much spooky theater goodness awaiting you. Below I've included links to our short takes on the shows we saw. Super props to the Twin Cities Horror Festival for being so inclusive with shows created by women and POC. Yay!

Quick, a quick rundown on why I love the TCHF:

- Manageable size (twelve shows, perfect for the completist who finds the Fringe daunting)
- Runs a reasonable amount of time (eleven glorious days)
- It's all at one theater (the atmospheric and spookily decorated Southern Theater)
- Which has a bar (with excellent [and affordable!] beer)
- Their website rocks: (love the schedule, love the genres and ratings)
- The staff and volunteers are welcoming, friendly and efficient
- Plus, it's all horror, the time. I know some people are like, eek, I don't like horror, but there is something for everyone at the TCHF.

As for me?


Unexpected Delights:

In short, we had no idea what to expect but Matthew Kessen's hilarious deconstructing of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was both hilarious AND informative. And HILARIOUS.

Intuition and the Mantis by Rogues Gallery Arts
Chilling from the moment you step into the theater, and featuring rich, complex characters and plot (by Duck Washington), this was a gripping, unnerving experience.

Intuition and the Mantis.
Even this picture creeps me out.
Created and performed by Debra Berger, Emily Michaels King and Amber Johnson, this new play incorporates film beautifully and is moody, atmospheric, intense and unsettling.

Expected Delights:

After the Party by Erin Sheppard Presents
Erin Sheppard Presents is amazing--the music is fantastic, the lighting is gorgeous and the dance is compelling and evocative. Go SEE IT. DO IT.

After the Party. Dancey AND spooky.
Harold by Four Humors
It's Four Humors at the TCHF. Do I really need to say anything else?

Short Film Festival VI: Horrorshow Hot Dog
Love Horror Show Hot Dog's selections of short horror films. It's a lovely little spooky break in the festival. The film selection changes each night, which is awesome. See all you can.

Gory AND Socially Aware:

Skin by Dangerous Productions
Playwright Oya Mae Duchess-Davis's thought-provoking take on race and beauty is gory, crowd-pleasing and ambitious as heck. Did I mention gory?

Hand-Picked by Theater Unchecked
This sleepaway camp story with a twist is filled with female voices, moments of surprising gore, and plenty of uncomfortably knowing laughter.

Hand-Picked. I find this image strangely compelling.
Also, I hate camping.
See Also under Socially Aware:

Intuition and the Mantis
Something New: These new works are sure to develop and grow. Develop your early adopter street cred by catching them now and supporting the artists' process.

Eddie Poe by The Coldharts
Love The Coldharts and their devised theater blend of dark comedy, music and gothic horror? Check out this brand-new play by the people who brought us the delightful Edgar Allan.

Eddie Poe. Another amazing image.

Sadie Mae, 1969 by Boston Community Collaborative
An interesting take on the story of Susan Atkins (aka Sadie Mae) and the Manson Family, told with dance, movement and music. 

But Wait, There's More!

The Fae by Special When Lit
Gorgeously costumed and featuring some fabulous movement, this tale of humans venturing into the faery world has some amazing imagery and an interesting story.

The Fae.
The faery queen's headdress is so cool in the show.
A Terrifyingly Intimate Evening with Fotis
Whatever show Mike Fotis is doing tends to be one to definitely catch. We loved last year's The Philip Experiment. If you are a Fotis Fan, and there were lots in the audience, you'll probably love this as well.

That's it! Enjoy! Get your spooky on! Support this amazing festival in which 100%  of ticket sales go to the performers.

AND Happy Spooky Theatergoing, Friends!