Saturday, October 28, 2017

TCHF VI: Eddie Poe by The Coldharts

Show: Eddie Poe

Theater: The Coldharts

Genre: Theater/music

What's It All About:
"Sixteen year-old Edgar Allan has one goal: to gain mastery over all his subjects at university. He has only one obstacle: Eddie Poe. From the creators of "Edgar Allan" comes "Eddie Poe," a manic riff inspired by the life and short stories of America's first writer."

What We Thought:
Clearly a work in progress by the very charming company that previously brought us Edgar Allan and The Legend of White Woman Creek. Duo Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan "create American Gothic-inspired, devised, music-theatre" (per their website) and Eddie Poe is their latest work.

Where their previous show, Edgar Allan, was about Edgar at school as a younger boy, Eddie Poe is about Edgar Allan Poe going to university in Virginia. Despite his best efforts to be an upstanding young pillar of society and to be true to his girl, Elmira Royster, he gets involved in cards and gambling, and a feud with a wealthy rival. There are songs and some unexpected gore, but as usual, The Coldharts present a creepy and original take on Poe. BTW, if you haven't seen Edgar Allan, you can purchase the recording at the merch coffin upstairs at the Fest.