Monday, November 7, 2016

Twin Cities Horror Festival V: Book of Shadows by Erin Sheppard Presents

What's It About: "Spells will be cast through dance and spoken word. Sometimes magic is the only way to get what you want. Some call it witchcraft, witches call it life."

Book of Shadows consists of vignettes in dance, each on a particular theme or focus involving witchcraft. A narrator (Taj Ruler) reads from her own Book of Shadows in between each vignette, with comic and poignant monologues on her own forays into witchcraft.

The dances are beautiful, so gorgeously done, with simple costumes and wonderful lighting, and they tell simple but effective stories ranging from Snow White to the Salem Witch Trials to a sort of The Craft-like tale. The music is fantastic and the choreography is beautifully done, with not just beautiful dancing but great acting as well.

This show is really stunning and gorgeous and a perfect way to end the Twin Cities Horror Festival.

If You're Sensitive and/or Delicate: Or not that familiar with dance? You'll still love it.

In Short: I am immediately adding Erin Sheppard to my theater must-watch list.