Sunday, October 29, 2017

TCHF VI: Reverend Matt's Monster Science: Trinity of Terror

Show: Reverend Matt's Monster Science: Trinity of Terror

Genre: Theater/Spoken Word, Comedy / Non-fiction / Monsters

What's It All About:
"Rev. Matt’s talks present historical and mythological background, science facts, and comedy jokes about the monsters we create and the fears that they embody. Plus, Powerpoint! A different talk every night, each on a venerable monster later canonized by 20th-century cinema – 'How to Contract Lycanthropy,' 'Neck Romance,' and 'Frankenstein: D-Bag!'"

What We Thought:
We had no idea what to expect with this show--which is part of the joy of the Twin Cities Horror Fest, of course. Rev. Matt comes out looking the perfect part of the college professor, folder in hand, ready to discourse upon Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and, as he says, regale us with incredibly detailed trivia about monster movies. Fun, right?  The welcome surprise of this show is how freaking hilarious Rev. Matt's deadpan observations are. He had us, and the whole audience, right out the GATE.

Accompanied by some judicious use of Powerpoint and stellar comic timing, this show not only makes you laugh but you actually learn something (in spite of yourself). We definitely feel compelled to revisit the novel--or at least The War of the Gargantuas.