Saturday, October 28, 2017

TCHF VI: A Terrifyingly Intimate Evening with Fotis

Show: A Terrifyingly Intimate Evening with Fotis

Genre: Storytelling/Spoken Word, Psychological

What's It All About:
"Mike Fotis returns with his first storytelling show since his Fringe Festival hit, Fotis Canyon. Join Mike as he opens up his brain and starts digging into the creepy spots with a pick axe. "

What We Thought:
A table, a water bottle, and a stack of papers comprise this voyage into the mind of Mike Fotis. In this show, Fotis reads old comedy pieces and gives his take on his work today. Line by line, he reads, recites, comments on and reviews his work. Fotis super fans (of which the audience was full) seemed to very much enjoy it.